Zliide – Explore local fashion

See just how easy Zliide can be integrated and used by both customers and shops. Zliide makes stores “clickable” both in-store and from the couch. Customers can interact with all the tags, see information and pay in the app. Afterward, the tag will release, and the customer is ready to leave. The production shows this experience using advanced VFX and energizing performance by actor Alameas Eilenna.

Production Company

Vitus Films


Weekday København

Director & Producer

Malthe Sommerlund

VFX & Runner

Albert Sommerlund


Jacob Buchhave

1st AC

Jacob Pedersen

Sound mix

Jakob Moestrup

Edit/Grade & Graphics

Malthe Sommerlund


Jacob Buchhave

Sound design

Viggo Lundgren Hejgaard


Annelie Karui S. Overbeck


Bjarke Andres Johansen
Alfred the Samoyed

Thanks to

Everyone involved in the production, Carl-Emil Grøn & Thea Kristensen (Apartment), DMANN Rental